Warby Parker Is Onto Its Next Big Thing

Warby Parker gets aggressive
By Kaitlyn Wang.

Warby Parker has always had its eyes on the future.

Yet when the eyeglass company first launched in 2010, naysayers thought its direct-toconsumer model eschewing traditional retail channels seemed, well, shortsighted. “We got a lot of advice from people that said, ‘You guys are crazy, this is never going to work, if this was a good idea it would have existed already,'” recalls Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker’s co-founder and co-CEO.

Now, Warby Parker is thriving — with $215 million in venture capital, $1.2 billion in valuation, and an Inc.-estimated $250 million in revenue — and the direct-to-consumer market is too. Other startups have taken note of Warby’s success, and have adopted the model that allows them to skip the middleman, improve customer service, and lower prices. Now you can buy anything from shoes to luggage to mattresses to watches in the same fashion.

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