You Rent Your Apartment. Why Not Your Watch?

Will men rent watches?
By Cam Wolf.

Millennials, the thinking goes, are insatiable hedonists who live only to drown in an awesome wave of experiences. For this generation, there are no favorite flavors; just new ones. There are no neighborhood haunts; only the latest hottest restaurant pushed to phones via Yelp. Movies are streamed while hotel rooms, hip lofts, cars, private jets, and choppers materialize at the touch of button. Disruptors have made inroads in the menswear world, too—companies said to be the Ubers and Netflixes of men’s clothing and accessories.

But is the sharing economy actually important in the menswear universe? Besides tuxes, a place for men to rent flashy designer clothing, like a Rent the Runway for dudes, doesn’t really exist. There are sites that claim to do that, like ThreadThread, but something tells me the business isn’t super legit. (Nothing suggests a business is suspect more than a “meet the stylists” page that uses pictures of Miley Cyrus, a stock image of “women with short hair,” a Banana Republic ad, and Indian actress Chahat Khanna.) This is just the most salacious of the countless issues you run into when trying to “disrupt” menswear.

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