Toothbrush subscription service Quip raises $10 million

By Paul Sawers.

Quip, a subscription-based electric toothbrush startup, has raised a $10 million series A round of funding from early Airbnb and Uber investor Sherpa Capital, Kal Vepuri’s Brainchild fund, Blue Scorpion VC, Demi Lovato, and Eric Grosgogeat, among other investors from the “fashion, entertainment, and oral care industries.”

Founded out of New York in 2012 by industrial designers Simon Enever and Bill May, Quip — not to be confused with the word-processing app of the same name acquired by Salesforce last year — is one of a number of subscription startups focused on personal health care and hygiene. Last year, for example, Unilever acquired on-demand toiletry service Dollar Shave Club for around $1 billion, while health- and beauty-focused Birchbox is reportedly in talks to be acquired by some big-name retailers.

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