Mejuri empowers women to buy diamonds for themselves

Mejuri empowers women to buy diamonds for themselves
By Elizabeth Segran. Source: Fast Company.

Canadian jewelry startup Mejuri is part of a growing trend of direct-to-consumer brands selling fine jewelry at affordable prices by cutting out middlemen. But among these brands, it stands out because it is focused on meeting the needs of women who want to buy jewelry for themselves.

Currently, two-thirds of products sold by traditional jewelers is gifted, usually from a man to a woman. That’s not such a surprise given how these companies market their products. Think: Tiffany ads of couples running in the rain or making out in street corners.

By contrast 94% of Mejuri’s customers are women, many of whom are buying for themselves. “Jewelry remains a deeply conventional industry that hasn’t caught up to what women rightly expect from companies marketing to them,” Noura Sakkijha, the company’s CEO and a third generation jeweler, tells Fast Company. 

The brand’s ads feature women alone, rather than presenting bracelets and rings as part of a romantic exchange. And many products are engraved with empowering messages such as “Keep Going” or “Stay Brave.” The brand uses 14k gold and conflict-free diamonds, but without inflated retail costs, the brand is able to sell diamond necklaces for $290 and gold rings for $69–a fraction of the price of larger mainstream jewelers.

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