Casper Wants To Help You Sleep Better On Your Next 13-Hour Flight

Casper wants to help people sleep better on long flights

There are few things as miserable as struggling to fall asleep on a long flight. Philip Krim, Casper’s CEO, totally gets it. “I have a bad back,” he tells Fast Company. “And it is aggravated by long flights.”

For the past few months, Casper Labs has been working to improve how people sleep on planes. Many flyers struggle to feel comfortable enough to sleep while in the air–and even if they are able to catch some shut-eye, they leave the tarmac with an achy neck and back. For athletes and businesspeople who travel frequently for work, this compounded lack of sleep can impact how they perform on the job. Casper’s engineers and designers have been thinking about exactly why it’s so hard to sleep well while in the air, and have been tinkering with tools that will solve some of these problems.

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