How Casper Flipped the Mattress Industry

How Casper Flipped the Mattress Industry
By Erin Griffith.

In any random commute, I hear my favorite podcast host sing the praises of Casper, the online mattress company that would like me to know it is about so much more than boring old beds. I look up, and my subway car is wallpapered with ads featuring Casper’s quirky illustrations of animals and humans sharing beds.

Mindlessly scrolling Instagram, I catch a photo of a woman hugging a fluffy white duvet, captioned, “If you’re not on a Casper mattress, are you even sleeping?” Like! On my walk to the office, I spot Casper logos atop taxicabs and on phone booths. Later, a friend posts a Facebook link about the big August solar eclipse. A few lucky contestants can win a trip to witness the eclipse—the first of its kind in nearly a century—from a luxury tent in Casper, Wyo., courtesy, of course, of Casper.

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