Casper Announces 15 Mattress Pop-Up Shops Across the Country

Casper announced 15 city pop-up shops
By Tim Nelson.

Continuing the trend of big online brands selling their wares in the real world (digital bedding startup Boll & Branch opened their first brick-and-mortar store just last week), upstart mattress magnate Casper announced plans to launch 15 new pop-up showrooms across the country this fall.

Casper tested pop-up locations in London, Los Angeles, and New York last year, but the 15 city roll-out is truly an attempt to bring their mattresses to the masses. The big brick-and-mortar push is meant to give people a chance to try the new Casper Wave, which the company bills as “the first mattress that responds to body geometry. . .to provide deeper, more restorative sleep.”

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