About campfire

Campfire Capital was established to propel forward the people that are advancing the retail industry and inspiring the world.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, and investing out of a US$32 million fund,  the Campfire team is passionate about identifying and funding North America’s most promising purpose-driven startups.

Campfire is financially backed by over 50 consumer and retail veterans with deep industry networks and expertise from major brands including lululemon athletica, Starbucks, DAVIDsTEA, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, Skull Candy, VEGA, ALDO, and Zara.

Our Vision

Campfire believes the future of venture capital and private equity will be led by investor teams who have previously built successful, disruptive, industry-leading companies together. These investors will come together to share their capital, expertise, and networks with the most compelling startups disrupting their industry.

Our Market Thesis

1. Disruption: Small, purpose-driven, ecomm-first, businesses are actively capturing market share in the $5.1 trillion North American retail industry from larger incumbents who struggle to innovate their brand, their products and/or their distribution.

2. Capturing Market Share Through Innovation: In addition to pursuing a purpose that inspires their consumers, these businesses are leveraging technology and innovation, specifically around:

  • Product
  • Sales Channels
  • Business Models
  • Payment Systems
  • Business Analytics  & Digital Marketing Tools
  • Logistics & Distribution

3. Investment Opportunities: This disruption is creating compelling, early-stage investment opportunities, and the investors best positioned to identify and add value to these startups are investment teams that have previously built highly successful companies in the space.

4. Exit Opportunities: Campfire sees market incumbents as likely to acquire innovative emerging businesses as they seek growth, yet struggle to innovate organically. In addition to a strategic sale or IPO, Campfire also believes stagnant incumbents will continue to increase their participation in venture rounds in order to identify opportunities early, and lower overall acquisition costs, thereby creating a third potential exit via later stage financing rounds and secondary sales to strategics.

Our Investment Stage and Size

Campfire invests at the Series A stage. For us, this means a company typically has $3-$5 million in annual run rate revenue, and has ambitious goals for revenue and margin growth over the next five years. Campfire’s typical initial cheque size is US$1-2 million, with reserves held for meaningful follow-on investing.

Our Team

Campfire is financially backed by over 30 former and current lululemon executives, all of whom worked closely together to create tremendous value for lululemon during its high growth period from 2002 to the present, in addition to over 20 other consumer and retail industry leaders from across North America.

Collectively, our investor network brings deep operating expertise and networks from global brands including lululemon athletica, Starbucks, DAVIDsTEA, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, Skull Candy, VEGA, ALDO, and Zara. Each individual brings an average of 15 years experience across key functions such as brand, store & e-commerce operations, merchandising, real estate and distribution & logistics. Our investor base’s combined background spans sub-industries including apparel & footwear and food & beverage.

Our group lends their operational support, expertise and their networks to Campfire’s portfolio company management teams, seeking to positively impact growth and ultimately create value for all Campfire stakeholders.

As we grow, we will be enhancing our investor base and investment team with additional forward-thinking individuals from global brands.

Meet the Team