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decline in wearable sales shows that people don't want to have computer on their wrist

Let’s Face It: Smartwatches Are Dead

By Janko Roettgers. Source: Variety. A trifecta of bad news for smartwatches means that it’s time for the consumer electronics industry to face reality: There’s simply no…

Will the future of food be different as consumer's opinions change?

A Blueprint for the Future of Food

By Dan Barber. Source: Turning Point. Not long ago, just before boarding a trans-Atlantic flight, I overheard a woman tell her friend that she…

The e-commerce giant has given physical retailers fits since its debut two decades ago. Now it wants to compete on their playing field. And Amazon plays to win.

Why Amazon is betting big on brick and mortar

By Daphne Howland. Source: RetailDive. So said American entrepreneur, investor and software engineer Marc Andreessen early in 2013 in an interview with startup news site Pando. Andreessen, the…